Roblox My Hero Mania Codes List (Updated)

Here are all the latest Roblox My Hero Mania Codes. In this article, we will be listing all valid and working Codes for My Hero Mania that you can use to get some in-game rewards such as free spins and more items to upgrade your game. In addition, we also teach you how you can redeem for free spins correctly.

My Hero Mania is a Roblox video game launched in 2020 and has recently received a huge fan. Players can use spins to obtain Rare, Epic, or Legendary Powers.

Roblox My Hero Mania codes – free spins

Roblox My Hero Mania Codes List

If you’ve played My Hero Mania, you are undoubtedly already aware of the game that requires spins to alter a character’s quirks. Roblox My Hero Mania Codes are here to assist you in increasing your chances of obtaining additional spins. These codes are distributed by the game’s developer and are therefore entirely safe to use.

Roblox My Hero Mania Codes (Active)

All of the working codes are here.

  • 210kCODE! – get 5 free spins! (NEW)
  • theultra190k – Redeem your points for free spins!
  • goal200k – 10 Free Spins are waiting for you!

Roblox My Hero Mania Codes (Expired)

These codes are expired and no longer work.

  • zi170k – get free spins!
  • spinner180k – get 5 free spins!
  • 160ktux – get 5 free spins!
  • letsgo150k – get 5 free spins!
  • ultra140k – get 5 free spins!
  • big130k – get 5 free spins!
  • plus120k! – get 4 free spins!
  • 110kcodeyay – get 5 free spins!
  • its90k! – get 6 free spins!
  • 80kcode! – get 5 free spins!
  • 70kalready – get 2 free spins!
  • likereward1 – get 2 free spins!
  • the100k – get 10 free spins!
  • FirstCode! – get free spins!

How To Redeem Codes in My Hero Mania?

Follow our instructions step by step to redeem Codes in My Hero Mania.

  • Firstly, start the game and wait for all of the assets to load.
  • Secondly, navigate to the menu and look for the code box.
  • Then, please take one of the redeem codes from the list below and paste it into your browser.
  • Lastly, to claim it, press the button.

How Can You Get More Codes For My Hero Mania?

Roblox My Hero Mania Codes are promo codes provided by the game’s developer. These promo codes can be found on the official Twitter of PoppaPengo (The Game’s Developer). You also can join the Discord server and visit Roblox’s website to get more codes and more information about the game as soon as possible. Moreover, our page always updates new codes of the game when they release. So, you must often check back and make sure you bookmark this page our page to get more information and promo codes.

Tips & Tricks for My Hero Mania

To swiftly level up, complete as many quests as possible, and avoid wandering. Some quests across the world will help you get stats and level up. You may wish to devote all of your points to strength to destroy objects more efficiently.

The controls for My Hero Mania are as follows:

  • M: displays the menu
  • Q: make a dash
  • F: prevent attacks
  • Shift: speed
  • Pinch: click

Additionally, there are numerous powers accessible in the game, ranging from Common to Legendary. Here are the My Hero Mania abilities:

  • Common

Ice, invisibility, shock absorption, super regeneration, and super strength are all common.

  • Rare

Zero Gravity, Air Cannon is rare.

  • Epic

Dark Shadow and Phoenix are epic characters.

  • Legendary

OFA, Hell Flame, HHHC, Cremation, and Fierce Wings are all legendary.

Strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia

My Hero, Academia’s heroes and villains, have unique abilities; however, a few are stronger than others.

My Hero Academia, created by Kohei Horikoshi, has a lot of success in the anime and superhero industries. Also, there’s much to be said about the series’ unique take on the superhero genre; the characters’ special abilities are known as Quirks.


Tenya Iida’s Engine serves as an excellent introduction to Horikoshi’s concept of superpowers. The engine in the Iida family has a Quirk which functions as a sort of superpower, but Tenya’s superior speed stems from engines in his legs.

Tenya can run at differing speeds and durations with these engines, depending on the gear he uses. His Quirk is very powerful, but he does not have any attacks of his own or any defenses to speak of.


Gran Torino’s Quirk, the mentor of All Might’s previous teacher, is similar to an enhanced version of Iida’s power. Like Iida’s Engine, Gran Torino has built-in, organic holes that propel him by launching him through the air in jets of air from his feet.

Tenya uses his offense-less leg engines to employ ricochet to give himself more velocity and assault Gran Torino. However, Jet and Gran Torino are both strong. It will take longer to generate the energy needed to take on more vigorous opposition, which, among other negatives, lowers Quirk’s score.


Despite Rikido Sato’s lack of screen time, his Quirk should get more attention, considering it is one of the better abilities in Class 1-A. Sato’s power is called “Sugar Rush” because he multiplies his strength by five when he ingests 10 grams of sugar.

Though five-fold strength isn’t All Might-levels of intense, it’s still a considerable increase that can also be hoarded with more sugar. This goes hand in hand with Sato’s new sugar consumption and power rise. As a result, his mental functions decrease, and he becomes tired more easily.


Class 1-A’s Kirishima and Class 1-B’s Tetsutetsu are similar in Quirks, personalities, and hero outfits. Arm-wrestling the tying sports festival bout might resolve the tie.

Steel and Hardening, which change the user’s skins into more durable materials, are counted as Quirk. When it comes to their ranking, they’re still in the bottom five due to the inexperience of their users. Both Kirishima and Tetsutetsu have to improve their technique and fighting skills to protect themselves.


Additionally, Dark Shadow, a sentient shadow entity that Tokoyami can command for attacking and defense, also exists. Even though his garments constricted him, Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow could move freely and act on his command without fail.

It’s also the reason that Dark Shadow isn’t in the top 10. Power grows in the dark, but at the cost of Tokoyami’s control over him, and he turns into a giant shadow demon in total darkness. Additionally, enough light can weaken Dark Shadow into near-nothingness, so it loses to quirks like the next entry.


The most incredible and most potent Quirk in My Hero Academia is Katsuki Bakugou’s Explosion. The Explosion is the creation of bombs, which Bakugou can perform through a nitroglycerin-like material he sweats from his fingertips.

Using his strength, Bakugou is extremely good at utilizing explosions in several different ways, including combat, offense, and even drilling through concrete. Bakugou has encountered a variety of powerful adversaries with his Quirk and was able to defeat Dark Shadow utilizing the dazzling flashes of his Quirk. Despite its relative weakness, there is little denying that Explosion is mighty.

Ranking and Classes of My Hero Mania

My hero mania features Ranks, which are identical to Fame. For instance, a “Legendary Class Hero” is the top-ranking class hero, All Might.

Hero Classes of My Hero Mania

  • Civilian Class: Class granted based on a rank rating of 0+
  • B- Class: Granted based on a rank rating of 500 or above.
  • C Class: Class granted based on a rank rating of 2+.
  • A – Class: Granted based on a rank rating of at least 3,000.
  • S Class: Class granted based on a rank rating of at least 7,000.
  • Legendary Hero Class: Legendary Class granted based on a rank rating of 100,000 or greater.