Roblox Vehicle Legends Codes List (Updated)

All the lists of Roblox Vehicle Legends Codes are available here. We are going to list all the up-to-date Codes for Vehicle Legends that you can use to get some in-game cash and more items to improve your game. Moreover, we also will guide you step by step on how to use these working codes and redeem them to get some free cash to purchase some sweet new vehicles to race your friends and other players.

Vehicle Legends is a video game developed by a company called Quadra Tech, established by Phoninian. The game was released on the 2nd of January, 2020.

What is Vehicle Legend?

Vehicle Legends is one of the most visually attractive Roblox racing games available. With a diverse selection of vehicles, trucks, helicopters, and boats, it’s easy to lose track of time racing around each area, customizing your cars to perfection, and even competing in car shows.

Roblox Vehicle Legends Codes – free in-game cash

All Roblox Vehicle Legends Codes List

Roblox Vehicle Legends Codes are a type of currency that can redeem in Legends of Speed. Codes provide you with steps or jewels that you can put on crystals to obtain pets.

Roblox Vehicle Legends Codes (Active)

Here’s a rundown of all the codes that are currently active:

  • 200MilVisits: Use this code to receive a free prize of 40,000 in cash.
  • Thxfor120k: Enter this code to receive a free compensation of 50,000.
  • Thxfor100k: Redeem this code to receive a significant amount of money as a reward.

Roblox Vehicle Legends Codes (Expired)

  • CodesReturned – get a bunch of free cash
  • NewMapCode – get some free cash (NEW)
  • 25MVisitsIsNice – get a bunch of free cash
  • 8DigitsOfVisits – get $35,000 cash
  • Turbocharged – get $40,000 cash
  • V3HICL3L3G3NDS – get a bunch of free cash

How Do I Redeem Codes in Vehicle Legends?

Follow these methods to redeem codes in Vehicle Legends:

  • Firstly, start the game Vehicle Legends.
  • Secondly, press the Play button.
  • Then, to the right, locate the Twitter icon.
  • Lastly, to save a code, enter it and tap Redeem.

To redeem codes in this game, tap on the Twitter button on the right. For the selected reward, copy & paste or directly input any of the principles above. Once you click the redeem button, it will add it to your collection.

How Can You Get More Codes For Vehicle Legends?

Roblox Vehicle Legends Codes offers many useful in-game rewards that you can use to upgrade your game. You can find the codes as soon as possible on the official Twitter of the game’s developer. Moreover, you can join the QuadraTech Discord, which releases codes frequently. You can visit Roblox’s website to get more codes. But we recommend you bookmark this page to get more codes as soon as possible when they release. We always update the latest codes on our page. So, you must often check back our page.  

How to Play the Roblox Game Vehicle Legends?

The Vehicle Legends Roblox game has relatively simple rules. You can select from a variety of starter automobiles and work your way up to the top. The more you drive, the more money you make. 

The more money you earn, the better the automobiles you can buy. When you get tired of driving, go for a walk in the park, roleplay in various fast-food restaurants, and more!

The Features of Vehicle Legends Codes

  • Within Vehicle Legends, you can purchase and drive a variety of vehicles around the tropical environment. There are discovery zones that reward visitors with a particular amount of money for their visit.
  • Navigate the map to locate the discovery zones. You begin with 37,000, which you can use to purchase any car priced at 37,000 or less.
  • The game’s objective is to earn money by driving, similar to Vehicle Simulator and Driving Empire.
  • You can compete against your friends or the entire server; a variety of races are available.
  • From drag races to circuit races and beyond, you will discover incredible races to enter that will keep your car exciting and enjoyable to drive.
  • You can even test drive a car once to see which one is an ideal fit for you. Additionally, you can listen to the beautiful sounds of Engines and Revbangs!
  • If you are not into racing but still want to make your car seem fantastic, you can alter it in the customizing area or, for Robux, the Portable Garage.

Where In-Vehicle Legends Do You Personalize Cars?

Players can modify their automobiles by applying multiple coats of paint, wrapping/skinning them, tweaking the engine, installing body kits, and installing under glow. The majority of vehicle customization is performed across the street from the dealership at the Tuning facility.

Any cars that can’t be customized or modified outside the tuning garage can use either the Helipad in the Tuning garage for vehicles with rotor blades or the vehicle input locations beside the boat dealership for watercraft.

Where Do You Purchase Planes In-Vehicle Legends?

If you are looking to purchase a helicopter, a plane, or even a boat, the Helicopter dealership is the place to go. It provides a range of possibilities, including boats, planes, and helicopters of various varieties.

  • Appearance and Geographic Location of Planes

The location is along the water’s edge, not directly across the Ferris Wheel but on the opposite side. (Direction in the opposite direction.) The appearance is seen in the top right shot, with a lovely royal leech blue roof and somewhat browned white walls.

Behind it is what appears to be a boat spawn, despite the absence of boats. The community speculates that it is an easter egg pointing to a planned Boat update granting gamers the ability to own boats and go sailing.

If you wish to customize your plane or helicopter, it is recommended that you get the Mobile Garage game pass. Otherwise, land on the helicopter pad, which is a round white circle marked with an                 H. On the Customization Garage, there is a Helicopter Pad.

You can then customize the air vehicles with skins or colors, including the rim color and primary color. Additionally, you can ascend to the top of the vehicle garage to color your plane or helicopter. To elaborate a boat, visit one of the slots in the dealership’s back. It will then guide you through the process of customizing your boat.

What is the top speed of the jet in vehicle legends?

The Zeitaku Deluxo jet is a very light aircraft that may be acquired for as little as 1.25 million if you sweat grind for 1 to 3 hours per day. Getting this jet takes one day! This aircraft is based on the Cessna Citation Mustang’s body, the Cessna Citation CJ4’s tail, and the Cessna Citation CJ3’s nose.

Despite this, it retains a visual similarity to the Cessna Citation CJ3 in terms of appearance. It is expected to reach a peak speed of Mach 0.410547. (315 MPH).

How Do You Change Gears In-Vehicle Legends?

You can shift up or down by pressing *t* or *g*. A manual operation may be challenging at first, but as you get the hang of it, your level of experience will improve significantly.

How Do You Listen To Music In Vehicle Legends?

  • Firstly, go to the Develop section
  • Secondly, select the Library option from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, choose “Audio” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, select any audio!
  • Finally, navigate to the audio’s link and look for the numbers at the end.